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Change agility has become the most pressing issue for business.

Are you Change Agile & Change Ready?

Change is now a normal aspect of your organisations life. The pace of technology development constantly forces organisations to re-think how they conduct their business. The changing economics of the world force many restructure programmes. If you are not up with the pace its clear that you will fall behind and eventually fail. Take-over and merger is a normal part of business life as a result. Shareholder expectations and the increasing globalisation of business means that companies are under pressure to operate smarter systems and processes and make greater demands on their organisations and people. In an unsure economic climate companies are making decisions to change that may save their future or spell their end. Delivery of successful change is now critical to the business world. The key is the word successful.

Smart companies look for support to help them conduct change well. Most leaders are good at what they do but few have a full understanding of what it takes to manage successful change.Without the right approach, legal fees can escalate, reputation can be damaged and productivity reduces with declining morale.

At theCHANGEfactorâ„¢ we are here to bring our expertise to your change initiative, so that your organisation achieves the result it intended. This website is our sharing point for ideas and change thinking and its your guarantee that we know what we are talking about when we come in to your business.

Read some of our change management concepts

Two legs good, one leg bad; there are many aspects to successful change.
Managing the change process; the key element of any change programme is to identify the need for change.
Communication for change; good communication is the cornerstone of any change programme.

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