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About Us

theCHANGEfactor™ is an independent change management consultancy, operating from New Zealand. We support organisations in a range of change management activities from organisational wide change, such as restructuring and culture change to team change bringing focus and purpose to new and established teams.

theCHANGEfactor™ brand was established in 1999 in the  UK by Martin Fenwick. Prior to coming to New Zealand this resulted in projects in Belgium, Germany and France as well as all round the UK.

theCHANGEfactor™  differentiates its service by offering experience, ideas and knowledge to clients in pursuit of their goals rather than solely facilitating the generation of the client’s ideas, as is often the accepted practice amongst the facilitation community. As consultants we believe that our knowledge is there for the benefit of the client.

Flexibility is also key to the delivery of change consultancy. theCHANGEfactor™ brings a dynamic approach to our work with clients. We are able to work alongside a manager supporting their role in delivering change, or we can embed within the client’s organisation as a temporary addition to the client’s team to help them bring additional depth and expertise to their programme.

We believe that there is no fixed answer for every situation. We have our own tried and tested change models to capture the fundamental elements of a change programme. However we do not offer this model to clients as a ‘one size fits all solution’. We believe that the role of the external change consultant is to work with the client to build a change programme that suits the client’s culture, business climate and individual change objectives. In fact we believe that your business is unique and that our role is to help you find and maintain the uniqueness that gives you competitive advantage. Using standard approaches and models just builds standard organisations and unless you want to be second best defeats the purpose of change.

Our relationship with our clients is critical; trust and honesty are fundamentals, while maintaining clients personal and business confidentiality are key values for us. Our aim is to be a trusted advisor to your business, available in support of your business success.

As a result we offer a range of change support and education to ensure your goals are met. Check some of our offerings out here:

Organisational change; from culture change to restructuring programmes.
Team change; team dynamics and interactions for improved delivery