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Team change

Traditional team work has been focused on “people getting on”.
We believe in “teams getting results”.

theCHANGEfactor™ approach emphasises effective communication, gaining and maintaining respect for difference and self awareness. We accelerate team delivery and offer a combination of the most advanced insights tools, team workshops and individual coaching.

Communication in Style
Our ‘Communicating in style’ seminar is an interactive session that brings teams together through greater understanding of each other, respect for their differences and increased knowledge of how to communicate with people of differing behavioural styles than our own. We use the widely recognised DISC profile to create a common language that teams can easily learn with each attendee receiving their own profile. Attendees also receive a series of handouts on how to spot behaviours and what to do to gain rapport, how behavioural style can influence their approach to learning, along with a workbook that they can use to make notes in the seminar.

Mastering Motivation
Our values and beliefs shape how we operate within our role and our business. In turn they combine to drive our motivation in the workplace. Without motivation there is no action, its a simple as that. At theCHANGEfactor™ we have been exploring motivation with teams and executives for many years. Our “Mastering Motivation” seminar takes team members through the environment that they need to be motivated within their workplace. This interactive workshop is excellent for understanding underlying difference within teams and between colleagues. Differences in motivational drivers between managers and team members can be explored in an open environment and opportunities created to provide motivational environments that match the varied needs of the whole team. This workshop builds on our communicating in style workshop by offering practical ideas on managing that difference in motivation.

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